About Us

Since 1948, the Saanich Fire Fighters' Association IAFF Local 967, has worked to improve safety and working conditions of Saanich Fire Department employees. Our members dedicate their lives to improving public safety in Saanich, and the greater capital region.

Our members are professionals who spend their career training and developing skills that directly affect the safety of Saanich residents in a positive way. We work to create long, safe, and productive careers for our members. The experience they gain through long service and advanced technical training allows them to effectively prevent and respond to many types of public safety incidents.

Our Association seeks out and provides advanced training above and beyond that of other emergency response services.

  • The IAFF worked with the Federal Government to create programming and funding for Awareness and Operations level hazardous material response.

  • The British Columbia Professional Fire Fighters' Association (BCPFFA) provides skills training and equipment for fire ground survival training to ensure our members have the skills necessary to keep themselves safe on an emergency scene.

  • The BCPFFA is working closely with jurisdictions throughout British Columbia to improve the level of pre-hospital care available to their citizens. Fire Fighters trained to a higher level of care with the Emergency Medical Responder program will improve patient care and outcomes, while saving municipalities and cities money in the long term as training becomes more efficient.

  • The BCPFFA and IAFF are working with Locals like ours to ensure that we are taking care of the mental health of our own members. The Peer Mental Health resiliency training our members need is being provided by health care professionals trained and provided for through our associations own funding. Our members also come to work on their own time to allow for specific individuals to receive the training necessary to assist their peers in their mental health well being.